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  • Belstaff and David Beckham Two British Icons Unite.



    Check out the new David Beckham Line from Belstaff.   The letter B has a new triple threat British/Beckham/Belstaff. Coming soon to

  • BMG New Adventure II Motorcycle Jacket just landed.



    The British Motorcycle Gear New Adventure II Motorcycle Jacket  just landed in our San Diego Warehouse. This is a new and improved version of our Adventure Motorcycle Jacket. The fabric and Knox Armour has all been upgraded to the latest and greatest materials from DuPont and  Knox in the UK. This Jacket comes in Orange as seen above or in British Blue below. Check out the 3-D images on our company web site at



  • Barbour International Steve McQueen Collection

    Barbour Steve McQuuen


    Steve McQueen the king of "Cool" has inspired a new collection by Barbour.

    Steve McQueen raced motorbikes to pay his way through acting school. He raced Six Day Trials on the USA Team, wearing a Barbour’s International biker jacket.

    In 1963, Steve McQueen entered The Greenhorn Enduro, a rigorous 500-mile motorcycle race across California’s challenging mountains and blisteringly hot Mojave desert. In tribute to McQueen's against-all-odds completion of this gruelling race, Barbour has produced this new collection of Motorcycle Clothing.


  • Beckham for Belstaff

    Beckham For Belstaff David Beckham the iconic footballer and avid Motorcyclist has collaborated with Belstaff to produce a collection of exclusively designed pieces.  Inspired by his own vintage Belstaff Biker Jacket  David Beckham brings is personal style to the Belstaff Motorcycle Collection.
  • Belstaff New Motorcycle Boots and Leather Trousers for 2015

    Belstaff Motorcycle Boots New Belstaff Boots and Leather Trousers for 2015.
  • British Motorcycle Gear & Belstaff Pure Motorcycle

    British Motorcycle Gear has been distributing and retailing the Belstaff Motorcycle line since 1988.  After a quarter of a Century British Motorcycle Gear is always amazed by the quality and workmanship of each new Belstaff line. This year is no different as the new line for 2015 was previewed this week by  BMG.  We are  proud  to bring this top European brand to our customers. Pictures of the new line to post shortly. Stay tuned.

  • Welcome to our Blog.

    British Motorcycle Gear has been designing, distributing and manufacturing motorcycle clothing since 1988. We carry such notable brands as Belstaff, Barbour, Halcyon,  SubZero, Sunax and Nikwax to name a few. We also manufacturer our own line of Motorcycle Jackets, Motorcycle Pants and Motorcycle Gloves.

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