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  1. SIngle Unit Neckmike SIngle Unit Neckmike


    Neckmike is a unique and patented headset for motorcyclists which combines a throat microphone that minimizes wind and engine noise with two noise-isolating stereo earbuds for high-fidelity sound and hearing protection. Because Neckmike is worn by the person and is not hardwired into a single helmet, it is flexible for use with any helmet style and may even be used without a helmet.

    The Neckmike M4 Bluetooth unit enables rider-to-passenger or bike-to-bike communication at a range of 1,000 meters, and includes a wireless handlebar remote for convenient operation. It can be paired with your Bluetooth-enabled phone, GPS or other audio source for hands-free calling, music and navigation.

    Here are a few key benefits of Neckmike:

    SUPERIOR FUNCTION. Neckmike’s throat microphone is based on military technology and offers improved performance over traditional open-air boom mics because it picks up your speech near your voice box, and is far less affected by surrounding sounds such as wind noise, engines, traffic, etc.

    HEARING PROTECTION. Neckmike’s noise isolating stereo earbuds come with multiple sets of ear plug tips, so you can achieve the best fit for maximum hearing protection and ease of listening.

    VERSATILITY. Neckmike is worn by the user, and is not hardwired into a single helmet, making it flexible for use with any helmet and can even be used without a helmet!

    The Neckmike M4 Bluetooth unit enables:

    • Full duplex intercom over Bluetooth, toggling between up to 4 riders (and/or passengers) at a range over ½ mile (1,000m)* • Bluetooth hands-free to your mobile phone for receiving calls • Bluetooth stereo to your mobile phone or compatible music player for listening to music • Bluetooth to your compatible GPS unit for navigation voice prompts • Optional hardwire connection included for non-Bluetooth MP3 players and other audio sources

    The M4 Bluetooth unit includes a wireless handlebar remote that puts all the functions of the Bluetooth unit within easy reach. With it, you can control the headset volume, open and close Bluetooth intercom sessions with up to 3 other people (one at a time), and answer and terminate phone calls. The remote includes a long-lasting Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

    The M4 Bluetooth unit is weather proof, and may be mounted to the side of a helmet with the included mounting clip, or it can be placed into a jacket pocket for riders who do not wear helmets, and controlled by the handlebar-mounted remote.

    The Neckmike M4 Bluetooth unit is also available in a twin pack for additional savings.

    *Please note that the effective range of the Bluetooth intercom is greatly influenced by terrain such as trees and hills, obstacles such as buildings, as well as weather conditions.

    What’s In the Box

    - (1) Neckmike headset - (4) Sets of interchangeable noise isolating headphone tips to achieve the best individualized fit - (1) M4 Bluetooth transceiver - (1) Wireless handlebar remote with two different-sized mounting brackets, fasteners and rubber spacers - (1) Helmet mounting clip and fasteners - (1) Coiled extension cable which connects the Bluetooth transceiver to the headset - (1) 3.5mm to 2.5mm AUX in cable for optional hardwired audio sources - (1) USB Wall charger - (1) Charging cable Learn More

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