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Belstaff Classic Trialmaster Tourist Trophy Jacket

Belstaff Classic Trialmaster Tourist Trophy Jacket

Product Review (submitted on October 4, 2011):
I am deeply disappointed to write this review with such low marks. I have been drooling over this jacket for sometime and finally sprung for it about 6 months ago. The craftsmanship of this jacket is superb. The warmth and wind protection is outstanding. The fit and style makes even the wearer jealous because it's so nice!

Unfortunately, it is simply not waterproof.

For this last reason, I cannot rate this jacket admirably as it is advertised and known for its waterproof capabilities. In fact, that's one of the primary reasons I bought it.

The up side, is that this defect should be easily rectified. In short, there are 3 small aerator holes under each "armpit" of the jacket. These are supposed to help the jacket breathe in warm weather. Today I rode in the rain for the first time since purchasing the jacket (hey, I live in Southern California!) and my upper body was pretty well soaked. My back was dry as a bone. But my chest and arms were very wet. The wax cotton and the seems work flawlessly. The waterproof pockets kept my cell phone dry and safe. However, those 3 aerator holes really screwed me over. I am now in pursuit of some waterproof material that I can have my local tailor sew to the inside of the jacket to cover up those holes. If I cannot waterproof this jacket, I'll be forced to sell it because I need to use it for touring purposes, not just style.