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Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Ankle Boots

Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Ankle Boots

Product Review (submitted on May 11, 2012):
I bought these with the expection I'd to wear them to work with dress slacks, shirt and tie. Yes, they look beautiful. I'm ok with the leather & rubber trim pieces. These details are well done and help protect the boots leather at the 'shift' points.

I have to say I'm REALLY dissappointed with the protection and the cheesey sole. For $270 + shipping, I would have expected top-notch sole instead you get of a thin, gummy-like generic sole... like something you'd see on cheap old hiking boots. I've ridden a week and the center soles are half WORN!

Besides being over-the-ankle boots...there isn't added protection.
The zipper closure is flimsy too, and likely to break if you're not paying attention when 'zipping' up.

An Attractive fashion boot, but definitely NOT for riding.