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Rider Magazine reviews the BMG®️Adventure Jacket

Feb 5, 2022   //   by Andrew Capone   //   Uncategorized  //  Comments Off on Rider Magazine reviews the BMG®️Adventure Jacket

The BMG Adventure Jacket has been a stalwart of our line for nearly two decades, and Rider Magazine shows that it is still among the best, most value- packed bits of kit available. Per Rider: “Like an adventure-touring bike, an adventure-touring jacket needs to be ready for anything, come what may. It should provide comfort and protection in a range of conditions and stand up to abuse. The British Motorcycle Gear Adventure Jacket was originally designed for the Dakar Rally, which puts more demands on riders, motorcycles, and gear in a fortnight than run-of-the-mill adventure riding will do in a year (or even a lifetime).” Read the review here, and buy your BMG jacket on our site @