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  1. Barbour Waxed Cotton International Jacket Barbour Waxed Cotton International Jacket

    Barbour® International Jacket

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    The Barbour International Motorcycle Jacket was worn by every British National Motorcycle Team from 1936-1977. At the T.T. Isle of Man Race in 1965 over 95% of all competitors wore a Barbour International Motorcycle Jacket, no matter what country they represented. This motorcycle jacket is indeed a part of motorcycle history and can be seen on many of the all time greats. Sammy Miller, Phil Reed and Steve McQueen to name a few.

    Motorcyclists have sworn by their Barbour Internationals for decades. During WW II the Barbour Jacket became the official Submarine Commanders coat and on the battle fields of Europe many a soldier prepared to defend Queen and country proudly wearing their Barbour.


    100% Waxed Cotton 100% Cotton Barbour Tartan lining Slanted ISDT Trials Card Pocket Optional Snap in Wool Liner Brass Zippers and Snaps Weatherproof

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