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  1. Sunax Motorcycle Helmet Visor Sunax Motorcycle Helmet Visor

    Sunax® BX


    Varying light conditions and sudden dazzle have always been among the main stress and risk factors for motorcyclists. The SUNAX sun and anti-glare visor uses a natural reflex of the human body: at sudden glare the head ducks slightly to avoid the discomfort – and at that moment the rider automatically looks through the sunshield and can see the road in front without further distortion. Approaching dangers can be recognized. Riding is considerably more relaxed under difficult light conditions.

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  2. Sunax Motorcycle Sunshield Visor Sunax Motorcycle Sunshield Visor

    Sunax® ARAI®


    This special sunshield for the high-quality ARAI helmets was developed at the request of many ARAI helmet users. ARAI helmets with their highly innovative ventilation system have been popular in the motorcycling and racing world for a long time.

    We adapted the shape to make the SUNAX idea also available for the technically sophisticated ARAI design. Using the SUNAX sunshield also protects the eyes against draught, making it possible to ride with an open visor more often than without SUNAX. Notize:

    Please check which code is printed on your helmet visor:

    SAI = New "SUNAX MAX for Arai" sun shield SAL = Old "SUNAX MAX for Arai" sun shield

    A SUNAX fitted helmet spared the wearing of sunglasses!


    1. Provides against sun glare when the sun is low and in every driving situation 2. No handling, leaves your hands on the handlebars 3. No change needed from eyeglasses to sunglasses 4. 100% UV-protection with every colour and light filter foil 5. Better view of contrast with the "steel" version 6. Better protection against glare from the side and front with the SUNAX MAX for Arai in an upright sitting position 7. No more extra weight, SUNAX weighs only 10 grams

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