Belstaff Classic Trialmaster aka Belstaff Tourist Trophy Jacket
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Belstaff Trialmaster Tourist Trophy

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The Belstaff Trialmaster / Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Jacket is the best selling motorcycle jacket of all time! For men and women alike, a stunning jacket, on or off the bike. Level 1 Armour from D30 and a thermal liner make the Trialmaster a highly functional motorcycle jacket, while preserving the timeless style it has shown since 1924. An essential bit of kit for true motorcyclists. Materials: Wax Cotton 6 oz – Seam-sealed Miporex membrane Cotton check lining on body and inside pockets Quilted lining with 60 gram padding on sleeves Corduroy on neck collar and cuffs CE removable D30 soft protectors on shoulders and elbows Inner Structure Detachable quilted lining with 150 gram Micro-Valtherm padding on body Protectors Protectors exceed the requirements of European directive 89/686/CEE and of CE Technical Standard EN 1621-1:2011 by D30. Pockets Pocket for back protector (Protector Sold Separately) – Four Patch pockets closed by waterproof flap and snap buttons Inside facing jet pocket, closed by coil zipper Features – Reinforcements on shoulders and elbows – Metal aerators under arm Adjusting neck strap – Cuff adjusting gusset with snaps Part of the Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Clothing Line.



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The Classic Trialmaster Tourist Trophy jacket gets updated for protection and pure adrenaline. This is not the fashion version! It is Belstaff Pure Motorcycle all the way. It boasts a seam-sealed Miropex membrane, a detachable quilted lining, Micro-Valtherm padding, and arm and shoulder protection by D30 that exceeds European CE safety standards for motorcycle armor protection. The Classic Trialmaster Tourist Trophy motorcycle jacket takes classic 4-pocket belted Belstaff style to the road. Reinforcements on shoulders and elbows. Metal aerators under arm. Adjusting neck strap for wind protection.

Signature Hand-Waxed Cotton

Originally used by Eighteenth Century sailors, Belstaff water repellent wax cotton is beloved by bikers for its unbeatable protection, its longevity and its endurance. The heritage fabric offers freedom, comfort and breathability in a low-shine finish that can be re-waxed in lieu of cleaning. Triple waxed to simulate years of use at the outset, it only improves with wear. The Classic Trialamaster Tourist Trophy Jacket uses a 10oz coating.

Heritage Check Lining The Belstaff Classic Trialmaster Tourist Trophy Jacket uses the traditional heritage check lining ensures comfort, breathability and classic style. The same quality fabric and English check have lined the inside of Belstaff jackets since 1948. This lining sits behind the removable Belstaff Thermal lining.

Bellows Pockets

The collapsible bellows pocket was designed to keep personal effects dry and secure without adding extra bulk while riding. A feature of the original four-pocket Trialmaster, it retains an ergonomic advantage and is woven throughout the outerwear collection as a design detail. This jacket has four Bellows pockets, two on the chest and two lower down at waist level.

Zipper Pull

Designed with a gloved hand in mind, the Belstaff signature ring zipper pull makes it easy for the biker to operate closures while in motion. Knurling at the ring aids grip and symbolizes classic moto style. This type of zip fastener is a new addition to the Belstaff range with the Belstaff Classic Trialmaster Tourist Trophy being one of the first to receive the ‘update’.


Archival knurling is an industrial cross-hatched pattern in metal. Engineered with orological precision, it keeps buckles secure and provides an easy grip on buttons and zipper pulls. A new improvement on Belstaff Jackets, all Pure Motorcycle Collection jackets now have this. The Classic Trialmaster Tourist Trophy Jacket benefits from improved buckle, buttons and zip fastener.


Aerators were traditionally placed under the sleeves of a biker’s jacket to add breathability without sacrificing wind tight protection. Today, archival aerators also appear on hoods, handbags and as decorative hardware honouring the moto tradition. The Belstaff Trialmaster Classic Tourist Trophy Jacket includes Aerators under the arm pits and also in the sleeves.

Reinforced Shoulders And Elbows

Originally designed to protect riders as they took risks around sharp bends, reinforced patches at the elbows and shoulders came to symbolize iconic biker style. They now serve as a distinctive Belstaff design detail.

More About the Protectors

The Trialmaster comes with the “intelligent” soft protectors by D3O Lab.

D30 is a patented protective material that combines enhanced chemistry with product engineering to produce high performance shock absorption and impact protection solutions.

The Molecular structure of the composite material allows protectors to be soft and maleable under normal conditions, but when shocked by sudden force, the molecules lock up to absorb the impact energy and then instantly return to their flexible state to spread the force.

This characteristic makes the protectors flexible,comfortable, yet offering total protection.

D3O components integrate perfectly into garments, so that neither the style nor the function are compromised. Their light weight is such that their presence inside the garment is almost unperceived.

Part of the Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Clothing Line. Another fine motorcycle accessory brought to you by British Motorcycle Gear.

British Motorcycle Gear Protecting The Cafe Racer in all of us.

Sizes: S-XXXXL Material: 10 oz Antique Waxed Cotton Water Resistant Colours: Black

Part of the Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Clothing Line.

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Small (35-36), Medium (37-38), Large (39-40), XLarge ( 41-42), 2XLarge(43-44), 3XLarge (45-46), 4XLarge (47-48)




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