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BMG® Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves

BMG® Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves

Product Review (submitted on January 10, 2011):
I like these gloves; I like these gloves a lot. I am relatively new to riding and in the process of getting protective winter clothing and not exactly sure how things should fit. With that said I am going off the sizing information on company web sites and reviews from around the web.

I am a big burly man (aka fat). I ride year round commuting to and from work. About 9-10 non-highway miles each way. This includes riding in December, January and February. Except when is snows. Then I take the bus.

The good,
Good quality sturdy leather. It looks like a chrome tanned latigo. I measured my hand as indicated on this web site and ordered a pair. These gloves fit my hand amazingly well. They are very, very warm. I am very confident that if I ever get into an accident they will be very protective.

The bad,
I'm not sure if this is a problem with the gloves or with what I'm wearing for cold weather riding. I currently don't have a proper winter motorcycle coat. I am saving up for a pair of pants and a coat, and am planning on getting them here.

What I wear is Carhartt Duck Arctic Quilt-Lined Coverall, with a union suite and blue jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt and thick sweater under it. Over this I wear Carhartt Duck Detroit Jacket. The cuff on the gloves is too bulky to go under the jacket and the opening is barely large enough to fit on the out side. I am thinking I should have order the next size up gloves. I fear I'll have to take an exacto knife and slit the cuff and add a piece of leather to enlarge the opening so they will fit over my clothing. I have worn them a few days, since the last snow storm and road salt has discolored them so I can't return them for a larger size.

Wile doing research for gloves, I have come across people mentioning that in the rain they get soggy. Well they are made of leather, the lining is water tight. I know I did the bucket test I read about and no leaks. To make leather shed water apply some neat's-foot oil followed by mink oil. Real mink oil not the silicon based stuff. I do this with my work boots and even thoe some times I have to work in ankle deep water I have never had wet feet.

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