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BMG® Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves

BMG® Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves

Product Review (submitted on February 20, 2011):
I would like to update my last review. I ended up stretching the cuffs with water and a form. Being leather it was easy enough to do. Leather is a very forgiving medium to work with. When they first arrived the gloves where stiff so I cleaned them with some saddle soap followed by rubbing them down with some neat's-foot oil and finally mink oil and they are now supple, extremely comfortable to wear and water tight. To break them in all it takes is applying enough oil to make them wet followed by putting them on and flexing your hands. It only took going through a cycle of clenching and opening my fist about ten to fifteen minutes to brake in and loosen them more than enough to fit extremely comfortably. Do not store them in a hot place the leather will shrink.
When these wear out I'll buy them again but the larger size. In fact anyone who buys these should get the next size up form what is suggested by the sizing chart.
I am very impressed with the quality of their gloves and plan on getting a winter jacket and protective pants form them.

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