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BMG® Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves

BMG® Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves

Product Review (submitted on March 5, 2011):
First of all, let me say that I love these gloves. They have a great build quality, are comfortable right out of the box, look great, are warm and have good protecction. The only problem I have found with them is that they are not waterproof. I woudl say that they are a bit water resistant though. My first pair leaked and were sent back. The customer service was very helpfull and quickly replaced them with a new pair. I used the new pair for the first time this past weekend and really enjoyed them. After the ride I decided to test them to see if they were waterproof. I filled a pitcher 3/4 full of water and pushed the gloves finger first into the up to the wrist. The gauntlets were completely out of the water. Within 3 minutes the fingers started to take on water. I was really bummed out and now I have to decide weather to call BMG again or just live with the fact they will not keep my hands dry.

I gave them a 3 due to the fact they are not waterproof. If they were, they would have gotten a 5!

Still a great looking, warm and protective cold weather glove.

I also have a pair of the 757 gloves, Love them!

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