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BMG® Montana Motorcycle Jacket

BMG® Montana Motorcycle Jacket

Product Review (submitted on September 18, 2012):
All the raves are deserved, the Montana is a great jacket.

However, it's not perfect.

-- I'm close to a 40 regular, bought the 42, definitely size up.

-- Wearing the jacket while standing is fine, leaning forward on the bike is fine, but sitting upright ala standard/cruiser seating, the arms fit a little high and tight beneath the armpits. Could use an extra half inch or so of room there and it'd be perfect.

-- The velcro opening to the pocket for the back armor is too narrow, it's impossible to easily insert/remove the Knox back armor, you have to fold the armor and even then you're stretching that opening to the tear limit. The opening could stand to be a couple inches wider, perhaps the entire width of the armor pocket.

Not a problem if you're going to leave the armor in or out all the time, but if you're like me and would like to wear the jacket casually (it's that nice!), swapping the back armor in and out is too much of a pain (the shoulder/elbow armor are easy as pie).

-- For some inexplicable reason the side belts face forward instead of backwards, the lines would be much cleaner IMO if they faced backwards (not to mention, that way your sleeves wouldn't catch on the straps when you walk).

-- The interior cell phone pocket could be a bit bigger with a larger zipper pull

-- The pants connector zipper faces the wrong way for American riding pants

Anyway, if it sounds like I'm being too critical-- perhaps I am. It's a great jacket, I'm very happy with my purchase and would buy again, it's just a few steps short of perfection.

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