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BMG® Adventure Motorcycle Jacket

BMG® Adventure Motorcycle Jacket

Product Review (submitted on July 22, 2013):
I bought this jacket when we were planning to ride to the Himalayas, with temperatures ranging from -2 to 44 degree Celsius I was looking for a jacket that would do a good job in summer heat and a decent job at lower temperatures. In the heat in the plains Adventure jacket did a terrific job, I didn't sweat at all and it was very comfortable in the heat. As we gained altitude the jacket held up well with changing temperatures. I did wear a sweater and the wind/rain jacket that came with it.
I did encounter occasional drizzle and I was comfortable throughout. On one stretch there was pouring rain being monsoon season, the inner liner held up for about an hour and an half of riding and then I could feel the water seeping in drop by drop.
Overall I am very happy with the jacket; it does not feel bulky and provides good protection. I would recommend this jacket to anyone who lives is a hot climate and it is fine for lower temperatures as well as long as there is a sweater or warmers underneath. The beauty is even if you are wearing something underneath the jacket it does not feel restrictive.
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