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BMG® Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves

BMG® Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves

Product Review (submitted on May 14, 2010):
I have been riding for about 20 years. To date I have over well 100,000 miles by motorcycle.
During all these miles I have been looking for the perfect glove. I wanted a glove that kept me warm but didn't weigh a ton or was so big I couldn't pull the clutch/brake lever, push a button, flip my visor or scratch my nose. I wanted a glove that every time I took it off the liner WOULD STAY IN PLACE!!! OH YEA!
A glove that offered protection should I go down (this never happens). A padded palm to help dampen the vibration in the handlebars (My GS has a bad habit of vibrating and on long days it will severly numb the feeling in your hands). And of course I wanted the glove to be COMFORTABLE and waterproof.
I am happy (actually VERY HAPPY), to say I have found THE glove (and I have 13 pairs..I just counted them).
The Thermosport is comfortable, it has a padded palm, it is NOT bulky, it is warm, completely waterproof (thank you west Texas downpour test ride!), offers great protection, and when you take your hand out everything stays in place for next time (no more takin a damn pencil and trying to shove the pinky part of the liner back into the #$%&* glove). The gaunlet is wide enough to fit over your jacket, easy to close and more importantly reopen, (again with a bulky glove with large fingers you cannot manipulate the velcro closures on some gloves..with the Thermosport this is not an issue).
And lastly I have to say the price is a BARGIN. My good friend and riding buddy bought cool weather riding gloves from a name brand company..paid twice what I paid..and while his gloves are nice he likes mine better...so there you go.
Let's put it this way. In June I leave for Prudhoe Bay Alaska from my home here in Texas. Ten thousand miles. I am taking two pairs of gloves. The Thermosport, and the 757 (ordered 757 last night).
Only reason I am not taking just the Thermosport is the Thermosport will be to warm (757 is vented) until I get to the Yukon. But it WILL be my rain glove no matter where I am. The Thermosport is just as these folks say it is. You will not be disappointed in any way. Save yourself time and the 13 pairs of gloves I went thru...try these.
Hope this helps!
Enjoy the Ride.
see ya
Dave E.

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