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Motorcycle gear serves one purpose more than any other: it exists to protect the rider.  British Motorcycle Gear is a company that understands this better than most. The company’s main focus is protection and this is evident in every product they offer. From clothing, to helmets, to boots, gloves and goggles, British Motorcycle Gear strives to keep their customers dry, comfortable, and most of all, protected. 

While they offer a wide variety of motorcycle jackets from a range of different suppliers, British Motorcycle Gear adds CE Approved Impact Protectors from Knox, the World leader in Body Protection Systems, to every garment to ensure extra protection without sacrificing comfort or style. Whether you’re looking for a light summer motorcycle jacket, or a heavy, wind and waterproof winter motorcycle jacket, you can rest assured that through British Motorcycle Gear, you will find the style you want with the protection you need. 

If your jacket needs to be accompanied by more than just a pair of jeans, British Motorcycle Gear offers the same quality of protection for their motorcycle pants as they do for their jackets. Reflective, versatile and protected with CE Approved Impact Protectors from Knox, motorcycle pants from British Motorcycle Gear will help to keep your legs as safe as possible when only inches separate you from the road. 

Nothing is more important than protecting your head from a collision with the road or another vehicle. Made with a fiberglass composite shell, traditional features and a quilted leather liner, British Motorcycle Gear offers classic jet motorcycle helmets in five helmet sizes and certified to American DOT 218 Safety Standards. Most helmets available through British Motorcycle Gear are exceptionally comfortable and quiet, making for an excellent addition to your collection of protective motorcycle gear. 

Motorcycle boots are the best way to keep your feet safe when they are only inches away from a hot engine and an unforgiving road. Through British Motorcycle Gear, you can find the Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Boot and Pure Motorcycle Ankle Boot. These boots have a lining and inner sole composed from leather, with inside leather protectors as well, keeping your feet extremely protected. 

It is important not to forget the safety advantages to gloves and goggles. These can protect you from the little things, like inevitable bug collisions; and the big things, like impact with the pavement or another vehicle. British Motorcycle Gear takes into account all the crucial impact points when crafting the protective qualities in each pair of gloves they offer. Their goggles are designed to shield your eyes from any harmful encounters you may experience on the road, while also providing an optimal view with lens frames capable of accommodating prescription lenses. 

Trust British Motorcycle Gear for all of your protective motorcycle gear needs. With a reputation for continually seeking out new products and materials, adding innovative features and then exhaustively testing garments where it matters – on real motorcyclists, on the road – British Motorcycle Gear have manufactured some of the finest motorcycle protective garments in the world. You are safe in the hands of the professionals at British Motorcycle Gear. Visit www.BritishMotorcycleGear.comfor more information.


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