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Staying Safe, Stylish and Comfortable on the Road with British Motorcycle Gear

Riding a motorcycle isn’t the safest hobby or mode of transportation, but most riders love it for that very reason. Feeling the wind on your face and having your feet only inches away from the road can be a rush. Yet, with the right gear, you can have the best of both worlds: a fun and safe ride. And British Motorcycle Gear has made it their mission to help you achieve just that. As a company with a main focus on protection and function, British Motorcycle Gear has a long tradition of manufacturing some of the finest motorcycle protective garments in the world. Protection, function, quality and comfort are the characteristics you can find in every British Motorcycle Gear product. 

Motorcycle Jackets: 

There is no need to sacrifice style or comfort with a motorcycle jacket from British Motorcycle Gear. Every jacket sold on their site is brand name and world renown, with added protection courtesy of British Motorcycle Gear. Take the Belstaff Knockhill Vintage Trialmaster Jacket, for example. The jacket is known for its classic qualities and is a Belstaff favorite. Through British Motorcycle Gear, however, it is given the added protection of removable soft CE protectors on the shoulders and elbows, and a removable foam protector on the back. Look good, feel safe and have fun with a jacket from British Motorcycle Gear. 

Motorcycle Pants: 

Like their jackets, all motorcycle pants from British Motorcycle Gear are given added protection to keep you safe and comfortable on the road. For a long ride through every type of weather Mother Nature can throw at you, consider British Motorcycle Gear’s Pioneer Motorcycle Pants. These heavy-duty, double reinforced, fully armored motorcycle pants are waterproof, breathable and reflective, with fireproof panels on the legs. With a thermal lining that can be zipped out when necessary, you couldn’t ask for more protection, durability or comfort. 

Motorcycle Helmets: 

While helmets aren’t a legal requirement all over the world, it’s usually a good idea to keep your precious brain-matter as safe as possible. The best way to do this is with a DOT-Approved helmet. British Motorcycle Gear offers both vintage and modern helmets to suit any style, but when a helmet is not DOT-Approved, BMG will say so. Most helmets available from BMG have a fiberglass composite shell and come in a variety of sizes, making them comfortable and functional. 

Motorcycle Boots, Gloves and Goggles: 

Your hands, feet and eyes demand as much attention as the rest of your body, especially when they are only inches away from a hot engine or an unforgiving road. With a varied selection of boots, gloves and goggles, British Motorcycle Gear doesn’t overlook any aspect of your safety, and neither should you. 

Trust British Motorcycle Gear for all of your protective motorcycle gear needs. From clothing, to helmets, to boots, gloves and goggles, British Motorcycle Gear strives to keep their customers dry, comfortable, and most of all, protected. The proof is in the product: the company exhaustively tests all of their garments where it matters, on real motorcyclists, on the road. Visit www.BritishMotorcycleGear.com for more information. 


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