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  1. Motorcycle Thermal Cooling from SubZero Motorcycle Thermal Cooling from SubZero

    SubZero® Short Sleeve Cool T


    This loose fitting unisex cooling base layer garment is extremely lightweight, quick drying and super soft. The supremely efficient hydrophilic finish in combination with the bi-component fabric construction will quickly wick perspiration away, leaving your skin feeling cool and dry. This is a great motorcycle accessory and fits comfortably under any of our motorcycle jackets. SubZero has been a standard in the UK since the 1960's now you can find out why?

    The Cool T cooling base layer is ideal for any activity where perspiration needs to be controlled and heat removed quickly. They are most suited for all day activities and sports where full body cooling and moisture management are required, such as foreign travel, motorcycling, canoeing, running and hiking


    •Manufactured in UK

    •Bi-component fabric

    •Minimum heat retention

    •Extremely fast wicking

    •Set-in sleeves to maximise wicking and comfort

    •Generous body length avoids lower back exposure

    •Sun protection factor: 100+

    •TOG: 0.22

    •Fabric: 100% Polyamide

    •Average weight: 130g Learn More

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