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British Motorcycle Gear adds Thermals to its Growing List of Products

Known for its excellent customer service and quality products, British Motorcycle Gear has a long tradition of manufacturing some of the finest motorcycle protective garments in the world. The company’s main focus has always been on protection and function, while also providing comfort and versatility. This is true for all of their motorcycle garments. 

Now British Motorcycle Gear has decided to branch out even further. Teaming up with Sub Zero, BMG now offers quality thermal gear for all motorcycle enthusiasts. For the very cold days, there is the Factor 2 Zip Turtle Neck, the Factor 2 Thermal Balaclava, and the Factor 2 Bloo Johns, which are essentially thermal leggings. “Factor 2” is a fabric unique to Sub Zero products. The fabric consists of a hard wearing outer surface and a super-soft, brushed fleece-like inner surface, which not only keeps you warm, but also transports perspiration away from the skin and flashes it across its outer surface to disperse. While the outer layer provides superior wind resistance, the inner fleecy surface traps warm air to insulate the body ensuring you’ll stay at a dry, even temperature. 

If you’re looking for something that has the opposite effect, British Motorcycle Gear has Sub Zero’s Short Sleeve Cool T. This uniquely designed t-shirt is extremely lightweight, quick drying and super soft. It is ideal for any activity where perspiration needs to be controlled and heat removed quickly. It does exactly what its name implies: it keeps you cool. This can come in handy under a hot motorcycle jacket during the warmer seasons. 

Similar to the Cool T, British Motorcycle Gear also offers undershorts for both men and women. With many of the same qualities as the Cool T, these undershorts are designed to keep you cool and dry on days when everyone else is feeling hot and sweaty. 

Just like the rest of the products you can find at British Motorcycle Gear, these new thermals are available at competitive prices, and you’ll be sure to be satisfied with the same excellent customer service British Motorcycle Gear gives all of its clients. As winter approaches, now is the perfect time to start adding a few thermals to your wardrobe.


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