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This page is designed to help you understand exactly what the CE mark means and why it is so important to you.

The European Union understood that in adopting a free trade policy between member states it must also set standards across Europe that would be fair to everyone and would protect consumers.

This process began in the 1980’s and in 1989 the European Commission passed a “European Community Council Directive which was titled “The Personal Protective Equipment EC Directive” (now known as the PPE Directive).

This directive became mandatory legislation for every EU country in 1995.

It stated that if a product was sold as a protective item, or was intended to offer protection to the user, it must comply with the PPE Directive. The directive covered everything from washing up gloves to Firemen’s Breathing Apparatus and Impact protection/body armour was also included.

Follow this link for Guidelines on PPE for motorcycling


What does it mean for Motorcycling?

When someone buys a piece of impact protection or body armour, they want to know that it has been tested to a standard. If there is no standard then how does the consumer know it is reliable and how can they make a fair judgement.

The PPE Directive is very clear.


They have to be tested by a government approved notified body to ensure they comply with the directive and they must be issued with a set of User instructions that carry the name of the test house.


There are protectors on the market that are stamped with the CE logo but have not been tested. They are usually sub standard and are sold fraudulently in Europe as they do not comply with the directive.

Always ask to see the User Instruction booklet to check their validity. If in doubt contact your local trading standards office on:


Knox was the first company in the world to gain CE approval for impact protectors.

All Knox armour is tested and approved to the European Impact protector standard EN 1621-1:1997 and EN 1621 – 2:2003 which have very specific testing criteria.

CE Certification of Knox protectors is issued by:
Ricotest Italy , Identification Number – 0498

Every set of Knox CE protectors are issued with a User Instruction Booklet. Look for the booklet, it’s a sign you can trust.


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