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Guide to Quality Motorcycle Gear

Every motorcycle enthusiast knows that the motorcycle itself is far from the only piece of equipmentinvolved in riding a motorcycle.The rider, as well as the bike, requires the right gear to keep the whole endeavor roadworthy. At British Motorcycle Gear, the company’s main focus is protection and function with all their gear. They offer a wide selection of motorcycle clothing that provides comfort and versatility for every type of ride and are continually seeking out new products and materials in order to offer their clients the very best motorcycle gear on the market. 


In order to keep your precious brain-matter as safe as possible, it’s best to go with a DOT-Approved helmet. British Motorcycle Gear offers both vintage and modern helmets to suit any style, but when a helmet is not DOT-Approved, BMG will say so. Most helmets available from BMG have afiberglass composite shelland come in a variety of sizes,making them comfortable and functional. 


The motorcycle jacket serves a multitude of purposes. Depending on the jacket, it can offer protection, wind resistance, water resistance and warmth. British Motorcycle Gear ensures that every one of their garments include CE Approved Impact Protectors from Knox, the World leader in Body Protection Systems.The idea of what makes a perfect jacket will vary from rider to rider, but the core considerations don’t change: protection, comfort and versatilityare the three factors to remember when searching for the right motorcycle jacket. 


While jeans or leather chaps may be suitable for some riding conditions, they certainly aren’t best for all. Consider the Pioneer Motorcycle Pants. These heavy-duty, double reinforced, fully armored motorcycle pants are waterproof, breathable and reflective, withfireproof panels on the legs. With a thermal lining that can be zipped out when necessary, you couldn’t ask for more protection, durability or comfort. 


Motorcycle boots are the best way to keep your feet safe when they are inches away from a hot engine and an unforgiving road. Comfort and quality are indicators of a great motorcycle boot. The Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Boot and Pure Motorcycle Ankle Boot have a lining and inner sole composed from leather, with inside leather protectorsand score points for style too. 

Gloves and Goggles: 

Gloves and goggles can protect you from the little things, like inevitable bug collisions; and the big things, like impact with the pavement or another vehicle. British Motorcycle Gearcarries everything from the Sparta Glove,aperfect lightweight summer motorcycle glove, to the Thermosport Glove, a glove that offers warmth and a wealth of protection at all the crucial impact points. 

British Motorcycle Gear has a long tradition of manufacturing some of the finest motorcycle protective garments in the world. And the proof is in the product: the company exhaustively tests all of their garments where it matters, on real motorcyclists, on the road.Protection, function, quality and comfort are the characteristicsyou can find in every British Motorcycle Gear product. Discover it all here: www.BritishMotorcycleGear.com


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