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Sunax BX Helmet

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Varying light conditions and sudden dazzle have always been among the main stress and risk factors for motorcyclists. The SUNAX sun and anti-glare visor uses a natural reflex of the human body: at sudden glare the head ducks slightly to avoid the discomfort – and at that moment the rider automatically looks through the sunshield and can see the road in front without further distortion. Approaching dangers can be recognized. Riding is considerably more relaxed under difficult light conditions.

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Sunax BX SunShield a great protective idea for your eyes and your safety on a motorcycle.

The SUNAX SUNSHIELDS have now been incorporated into most Motorcycle Police Helmets in Europe

Made in Germany

“Steel”: Eyes react very sensitively to sunlight. Predominantly wears sunglasses. Although it has the strongest filter of light (95% filter of light), this tint enables for a completely clear view and contrasts are amplified.


SUNAX “BX” reduces glare hitting the eyes by a further 50% compared to the ‘classic’ version. With its special shaping, light from the side is effectively filtered out without the rider noticing. It does not cause ‘tunnel vision’ even though side glare protection is strong, because the eyes’ area of vision (sharp field) is taken into account.

With its considerably larger area, the SUNAX ‘BX’ is especially suited for touring and sports use. In a relaxed upright riding position, the special shape is most effective. Using the SUNAX sunshield also protects the eyes against draught, making it possible to ride with an open visor more often. SUNAX is transparent for a clear view from inside to outside, nontransparent from outside to inside!

Perfect fit with the following helmets (for example): BMW Sport- and Systemhelmets (until System 5), Shoei (z.B. XR 900, XR 1000, the new XR 1100, Raid II), Nolan (z.B. x-lite), UVEX, Scorpion, HJC, Lazer and many more.

With a “SUNAX-fitted-Helmet” you don’t need something like sunglasses any more, for example.

From now you can choose you helmet solely orientated to correct fit and best quality. Simply because you don´t need helmets with pivoting sun visors, if you want glare protection.


  • Provides against sun glare when the sun is low and in every driving situation
  •  No handling, leaves your hands on the handlebars
  • No change needed from eyeglasses to sunglasses
  • 100% UV-protection with every colour and light filter foil
  • Better view of contrast with the “steel” version
  •  Better protection against glare from the side and front with the SUNAX BX shape in an upright sitting position
  • No more extra weight, SUNAX weighs only 10 grams

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