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BMG® Adventure Motorcycle Jacket

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The BMG Adventure Motorcycle Jacket was originally designed for the Paris-Dakar Rally, and it still stands as one of the best bits of kit for durability, versatility, safety, and comfort, at an unbeatable price point for such quality. We get orders from folks all over the world, replacing their trusty decade old model with the new, improved one…they ride BMG all the way!
This jacket is chock full of features; A removable hydration system, multiple 2 way vents, Knox Armor for added protection, and a fully removable waterproof liner that allows maximum breathability in the heat while still having the option of going 100% waterproof when the weather changes on your adventure…or your daily commute!
It is available in orange or blue colourways, and designed to be work as a shell, with layers as needed, so it’s not bulky or heavy in weight. Just a great ADV jacket. If your next trip is across Africa or just across town, The BMG Adventure Motorcycle Jacket will get you there in comfort and style.

Multi functional, versatile off-road jacket
500 denier nylon outer shell
Throw over, waterproof / windproof shell, located in the jacket’s back pocket bag
Full removable hydration bladder system
Pocket facility for shoulder, elbow and back armour
Quick-dry mesh lining
Silicon anti-abrasion surface finish in elbows, with EVA foam inserts
Kidney belt with Eva foam insert
Detachable document/ garage door opener/ mobile phone pocket
CE Standards Knox shoulder and elbow armor included
Pocket for optional Knox Back Armor

“If any company has the right to use the Adventure moniker, it’s British Motorcycle Gear. Their quality riding apparel has accompanied motorcyclists to all corners of the earth. True to form, the Adventure Jacket is designed with more than a trip to the corner store in mind. This multi-functional off-road jacket has all the features needed to go almost anywhere”. Road Runner Magazine,

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Real World Reviews of the BMG Adventure Jacket:

“Real Jackets for real riders. The new British Motorcycle Gear Adventurer jacket seems to have been designed for riders who are passionate about their riding. The Adventurer is a hip-length, dual-sport oriented jacket designed especially for warm weather riding. Out on the road. the Adventurer has a comfortable, contoured feel. The cut of the jacket is midway between that of a custom, fitted leather jacket and a full-cut synthetic. The pre-curved sleeves give the Adventurer a natural feel with my hands on the grips. Other than the bit of stiffness I would expect from a good armor inserts, there was no binding nor that odd feeling when the armor is too stiff to conform to the curvatures of the body.” BMW Owners News.

“If any company has the right to use the Adventure moniker, it’s British Motorcycle Gear. Their quality riding apparel has accompanied motorcyclists to all corners of the earth. True to form, the Adventure Jacket is designed with more than a trip to the corner store in mind. This multi-functional off-road jacket has all the features needed to go almost anywhere. The 500-denier nylon outer shell should easily stand up to the rigors of the jungle, concrete and natural. Wet weather is no concern as a waterproof throw-over jacket is included and conveniently stored in the outer shell’s nifty lower-back pocket. A removable upper-back pocket is designed to hold a 2-liter drink system that’s included, a real handy feature for those desert crossings. There are pockets for shoulder, elbow, and back armor and a kidney belt with EVA foam inserts. Just when you think has thought of everything, they jump up and address every adventurer’s main concern, getting lost. Yep, a removable pocket for your cell phone is included so that getting found is hopefully only a quick call away. Despite all these bells and whistles, the Adventure is very lightweight and should prove to be quite comfortable over the long haul – just the way has been doing it for years.” Road Runner Magazine.

“Touring clothing needs to be comfortable, maneuverable, and breathable, and above all protect you in case of a spill, on the dirt or the road.

British Motorcycle Gear has developed quite a unique product with its Adventure Jacket and Adventure Trousers, which I just tested out on a Badlands adventure day hosted by Kawasaki on ATVs, UTVs and RUVs in Attica, Indiana.

British Motorcycle Gear The Adventure Jacket and Trousers are extremely light and durable, with protection in all the right places. I felt no restrictions while riding with this clothing; it was warm but not too thick to hinder your movement with some very original features.

For example, they have added a hydration system in the form of a camel bag on your back with a straw leading under your helmet. Cell phone or walkie-talkie holder on your chest, map or direction holder on your wrist and pockets everywhere, all the ideas came from the Adventure being developed for the Paris-Dakar rally.

British Motorcycle Gear This clothing is extremely comfortable. Too many times I have worn riding gear that when you finally get on the bike the trousers ride up your back and pinch, or the jacket is too tight around the shoulders for the position you are riding in. Not this British Motorcycle Gear; it all works in harmony while you throw your bike around or maneuver your ATV across rough terrain. I spent 12 hours wearing it at the Badlands outdoor terrain park, riding various different machines. Kawasaki ATV’s, UTV’s & RUV’s . I did find the waist of the trousers a little loose; even tightening the expansion joints up to their maximum wasn’t tight enough. The jacket and trousers zip together so they didn’t fall down but they were just a little too big. Basically, I needed a belt but there isn’t belt rings around the trousers, only at the back which isn’t enough to hold a belt up. That was only a very minor issue, though.

I got truly soaked throughout the day at the Kawasaki Badlands event, to the extent that the mud caked onto the clothing throughout the day. So when we had finished I had to be “power washed” off and, honestly, I did not get wet inside…this clothing is extremely waterproof. It’s all priced really rather reasonably also.

All round for either road riding or trail riding this gear is very versatile and above all it looks good. Everyone on our event commented about how comfortable it looked and they all kept calling it Belstaff, so what does that tell you, very good quality that looks good at a great price! ”

Additional information

Weight 7.0 lbs



X-Small (34-35), Small (36-37), Medium (38-39), Large (40-42), XLarge (43-44), XX-Large (45-47), XXX-Large (48-50), XXXX-Large (51-54)


Blue, Orange

11 reviews for BMG® Adventure Motorcycle Jacket

  1. jfs

    The jacket is very nice.

    Two comments – the "blue" color as shown on the web pictures is actually much closer to purple in real life.

    I would prefer the jacket w/o the zip off sleeves. The gap is difficult to seal and serves no function to me (unlike the supposed Australian cowboys who requested this feature).

  2. Craig

    I got hit by a car several days ago while riding, this jacket took NO DAMAGE sliding across the pavement going 30mph. The armor did it’s job and the jacket still looks like new

  3. Rob Leftwich

    I have had BMW Ralley Pro 2 and Aerostitch jackets. This is just is nice and a much better Adventure (Dual Sport) jacket. I love the design and adjustments with every pocket you can think of. I would buy this over he other two time and time again

  4. San Francisco rider

    I just rolled in from a ride with this jacket. The starting temperature was 59 degrees F, and 30 minutes later, it was 86 F. There are enough pockets and clasps to keep absolutely anything: sunglasses, wallet, phone, etc. I keep a garage door key remote in a sleeve pocket, toll bills in the other sleeve pocket. There is a hidden Napoleon pocket that I’ve never needed, as well. The back pocket is large enough to hold a large envelope if you’re riding without luggage.

    My only wish is that the underarm zips would have a clip to keep them shut, as they sometimes creep open. I’ve solved that by tying a couple pull tabs through them.

    I would buy this jacket again.

  5. John S in VA ~ USA

    I purchased this jacket in early April and rode in it all summer. It performs well to near freezing by adding a polar fleece jacket. Although the velcro neck closure won’t reach if you have much around your neck. The water proof liner works well. Even rode on the hottest day of year, 100+*. It was nice having the camel back system. If I could find fault with this jacket, I have large forearms from years of riding and the lower sleeves are little snug. All in all this is a great jacket.

  6. Anindya

    I bought this jacket when we were planning to ride to the Himalayas, with temperatures ranging from -2 to 44 degree Celsius I was looking for a jacket that would do a good job in summer heat and a decent job at lower temperatures. In the heat in the plains Adventure jacket did a terrific job, I didn’t sweat at all and it was very comfortable in the heat. As we gained altitude the jacket held up well with changing temperatures. I did wear a sweater and the wind/rain jacket that came with it.
    I did encounter occasional drizzle and I was comfortable throughout. On one stretch there was pouring rain being monsoon season, the inner liner held up for about an hour and an half of riding and then I could feel the water seeping in drop by drop.
    Overall I am very happy with the jacket; it does not feel bulky and provides good protection. I would recommend this jacket to anyone who lives is a hot climate and it is fine for lower temperatures as well as long as there is a sweater or warmers underneath. The beauty is even if you are wearing something underneath the jacket it does not feel restrictive.
    For Pictures

  7. Hayduke

    This jacket is a great value and I am about to buy my second as my first is starting to show wear and tear; I am going into the fifth season on this jacket.
    I commute, day ride, & tour and use it, I am guessing 200 days a year (~20k miles) with a fair percentage off road/dusty conditions. The only reason I am replacing is the chest/Napoleon pocket zipper blew out in the fourth season and the main zipper is really starting to wear. Not sure who rides with their sleeves zipped off but this feature/flaw has never given me issue.
    I am 5’10"/#175/42" chest and the large fits me perfectly.
    Other thoughts…I used the hydro system once. I always run a platypus hoser out of the back pocket. The phone pocket went in my box of crap on day one. The rain shell jacket works great but question the black color as everyone loses visibility in the rain.

    Overall, this jacket is pretty well designed with some great detail features. After surfing and surfing for a different jacket, I keep coming back to this one.

  8. Bennett

    I really like this jacket, especially since it does not have GoreTex. GoreTex breathes poorly and makes for a miserable jacket in hot weather. This jacket breathes well, has a good vent system for really hot weather, and a convenient pouch in back for a rain jacket (one is provided). There are many voluminous pockets, and a comfortable and snug neck strap for keeping the wind off your neck. Armor is fairly minimal, but can be upgraded. My jacket started disintegrating in one place after a year, and BMG quickly replaced it. This is a very good jacket at half the price of similar adventure jackets, and without the GoreTex.

  9. NMBill (verified owner)

    I’ve owned this jacket for a number of years and, though it has a little wear and tear, everything still works fine. I live in the desert US Southwest and needed a jacket that would stand up to the heat and monsoon rain. Could do without zip off sleeves, but it does provide one other vent spot, when the weather is really hot. The phone holder hasn’t fit any of my cell phones for some time, but it carries my garage door opener. Love having water close at hand — desert, right?

  10. HH

    I am an experienced rider and veteran, and I had a lot riding jackets, but I must say I was really moved when I got the BMG adventure jacket’ today., it is rare that after a long wait coming product exceeds all expectations: he looks amazing, amazing, amazing ! Thought of every detail and everything looks so high quality. Not to mention that it is just beautiful and impressive. I’m a photojournalist in Israel, and c wear the riding jacket all the day, I’m sure I’d enjoy every moment with him.

  11. Rob

    This Jacket not only matches my KTM but can keep me comfortable anywhere my KTM can take me.. Which of course is everywhere. I have worn it at 120 plus in the Mojave and with a heated liner down into the sub zero range.. The liner has kept me dry in quite a few flash floods in the middle of who knows where. Anyway if your a true dual sport rider this is the jacket and the Hydration System works great as well.

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