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BMG® Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves

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The BMG Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves are among the best all- weather gloves on the market, and a tremendous value to boot. They provide a wealth of protection at all crucial impact points, and the Thinuslate lining keeps your hands as warm as sitting by the fire at your favorite pub. Stay warm, dry, and protected in your BMG Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves.

100% Waterproof
Grade A semi- aniline leather
Thinsulate thermal lining
Carbon knuckle guards
Side palm protection
Cuff and wrist adjusters
Schoeller Keprotec palm and finger panels
Kevlar reinforcement inside
Available in 6 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL

What the Press has to say about the BMG ThermoSport Motorcycle Gloves:
“So yesterday I had that 240 mile round trip to make in really cold conditions: so cold, in fact, that one the return journey, the gritters were out. To make the journey tolerable, I’d added a pair of proper winter gloves to my wardrobe: British Motorcycle Gear Thermosport winter gloves – these are leather with Kevlar knuckle protectors, extra leather and abrasion resistance on the palms, Thinsulate (to keep the heat in) and Porelle lining (breathable but waterproof) in case of rain. This was the first time I’d worn them, so they still need to soften up, but they worked really well”. British Bike Blog.

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“British Motorcycle Gear has a small catalog, but this only serves to allow the company to focus on getting everything right with the gear that they produce and sell. You may know them from the Belstaff brand which they sell to the adventure riders of the world. If you do not, what you should learn about them is that they carry their own branded protective gear, and they pay close attention to detail. For a good example, look no further than the Thermosport winter motorcycle glove. BMG constructs the Thermosport of top-grain, Grade A, semi-aniline cowhide to create a tough and durable shell. Much of the construction is done with double-stitching at the seams and extra leather pieces with integrated padding are placed at each of the important impact areas of the glove. The seams are internal, but they are designed not to bother the wearer. On the back side of the shell, the leather has an interesting matte finish which should help it stay looking new for much of its useful life. Schoeller Keprotec appears to be sewn mainly to the palm and fingers for greater feedback and secure grip.
Inside the Thermosport gloves is a Porelle breathable and waterproof liner and, like many anti-water mitts, it is not sewn into the glove (so remove them by pulling on each finger to keep it from turning inside out). For insulation – keeping the heat your hands generate inside the glove – there is another layer consisting of Thinsulate installed within the shell. It is of this that much of the padding is made from, and a soft micro-fleece is on the inner-most layer to give the gloves a soft feel on the hands.

Carbon fiber protectors are double-stitched into the knuckles and several panels of the material are used to likewise protect the finger joints. Durable protective padding on the Thermosport is also located on the gauntlet to protect the delicate wrist bones from injury. An elastic section on the top of the shell and a hook-and-loop strap on the underside allows the glove to be securely held to the hands. The gauntlet of the Thermosport is about middle of the road in length, so there may be some issues with the bulkier jacket cuffs; wearing it under the sleeve is simple by comparison. However, it does have its own hook-and-loop adjustment strap to keep any cold air or moisture from slipping inside.

An interesting benefit of choosing the Thermosport is that the sizing seems spot on with these mitts. Donning them and the wrapping your now gloved hands around the grips gives you the sensation of wearing a purpose-built bit of kit which allows you to use the controls without difficulty. With winter gloves this can be a problem as the padding can get in the way of flexibility. The Thermosport, though, is not so bad in this area. And the pre-curved shape of the design certainly helps alleviate any worries here.

The inside of the Thermosport is plush and should keep your hands comfortable on even long-distance rides. Of course, it being a winter glove, it also manages to keep your hands and fingers warm and dry, up to and including when the weather throws you 40F and heavy rain. The padding and liners do their job well without getting in the way accessing the handlebar controls, as promised. In fact, given the great insulation and freedom of movement, you could almost forget you are wearing winter gloves – almost.
The BMG Thermosport is perhaps the most race-inspired and protective winter glove that you can buy at this price level, yet it works like it costs more than twice as much!


Universal Glove Size Chart XS-XXL


XS    6″
S       6.5-7″
M      7.5″
L       8.5-9″
XL    9.5-10″
XXL  10-12″



To find out your glove size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure across your palm. You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs
Size Standards (S, M, L, XL, etc.)

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large



10 reviews for BMG® Thermosport Motorcycle Gloves

  1. Eddie

    I’m a certified gear whore, I must own a dozen or so pairs of gloves, some of them are 3 and 4 times the cost of these. The Belstaff Thermosports are indeed waterproof, I test every pair of "waterproof" gloves by submerging them in the tub and by running high pressure under them for approximately 10 minutes. These gloves passed with flying colors. They keep my hands warm down to 20 degrees for up to 2hrs before my fingers begin to feel a chill (thats with an average speed of 80mph along the windy coast mind you, a shorter and slower commute would have better results).

    The reason I give the gloves an 8 out of 10 is because the stitching could be better and so could the symmetry of the gloves.


    Hello All, my gloves arrived in the my shorty after the holidays. I’m really happy with the design and quality of the gloves. They are padded and puffy just like any winter glove, but they look and feel like a sport or race glove. I didn’t have any problems with fitting the gloves over the jacket sleeve as mentioned on the webbikeworld site. I wear a Triumph Melbourne Lea.Jacket for the foul wheather. I haven’t road tested the glove yet, because of the wheather in Seattle. But I will real soon and will send another update. So far I’m happy with the product for the price not bad, not bad at all.

  3. Brian Wringer

    I ride year-round, rain shine or cold (but not ice…). I have about a dozen pairs of winter gloves, but these are the warmest by far. They’re also very waterproof, and control feel is the best I’ve experienced with any cool weather glove.

    I will say that the XL and XXL sizes seem to run small. I’m a standard XL in every other glove on the planet, but I had to exchange for an XXL pair. So you may want to consider going up a size.

    BMG exchanged them promptly and cheerfully — great service!

  4. Sean

    I recently purchased 2 pairs of these gloves for my wife and I. We used the BMG sizing recommendations and the fit was perfect.

    My first impression was "wow" these are impressive gloves for the money spent. The gloves they replaced were only about $9 cheaper and only half the glove these were.

    The gloves are far warmer than the gloves they replaced and the waterproof seems true. I ran a similar test to another reviewer and all 4 gloves passed with flying colors. They offer a feeling of security. Good fit, added protection of carbon on the knuckles, kevlar reinforced, padding around the wrist areas which many gloves neglect.

    The only small cons I would mention is the cuff is a little short in my opinion and the straps could be longer. I have large wrists and have a difficult time fastening them over to the velcro pads as much as I would like.

    I would rate them a 9.5 if I could offer half stars, but I think for many folks these gloves are a solid 10!

  5. David Emmerling

    I have been riding for about 20 years. To date I have over well 100,000 miles by motorcycle.
    During all these miles I have been looking for the perfect glove. I wanted a glove that kept me warm but didn’t weigh a ton or was so big I couldn’t pull the clutch/brake lever, push a button, flip my visor or scratch my nose. I wanted a glove that every time I took it off the liner WOULD STAY IN PLACE!!! OH YEA!
    A glove that offered protection should I go down (this never happens). A padded palm to help dampen the vibration in the handlebars (My GS has a bad habit of vibrating and on long days it will severly numb the feeling in your hands). And of course I wanted the glove to be COMFORTABLE and waterproof.
    I am happy (actually VERY HAPPY), to say I have found THE glove (and I have 13 pairs..I just counted them).
    The Thermosport is comfortable, it has a padded palm, it is NOT bulky, it is warm, completely waterproof (thank you west Texas downpour test ride!), offers great protection, and when you take your hand out everything stays in place for next time (no more takin a damn pencil and trying to shove the pinky part of the liner back into the #$%&* glove). The gaunlet is wide enough to fit over your jacket, easy to close and more importantly reopen, (again with a bulky glove with large fingers you cannot manipulate the velcro closures on some gloves..with the Thermosport this is not an issue).
    And lastly I have to say the price is a BARGIN. My good friend and riding buddy bought cool weather riding gloves from a name brand company..paid twice what I paid..and while his gloves are nice he likes mine better…so there you go.
    Let’s put it this way. In June I leave for Prudhoe Bay Alaska from my home here in Texas. Ten thousand miles. I am taking two pairs of gloves. The Thermosport, and the 757 (ordered 757 last night).
    Only reason I am not taking just the Thermosport is the Thermosport will be to warm (757 is vented) until I get to the Yukon. But it WILL be my rain glove no matter where I am. The Thermosport is just as these folks say it is. You will not be disappointed in any way. Save yourself time and the 13 pairs of gloves I went thru…try these.
    Hope this helps!
    Enjoy the Ride.
    see ya
    Dave E.

  6. Jerry in NYC

    I like these gloves; I like these gloves a lot. I am relatively new to riding and in the process of getting protective winter clothing and not exactly sure how things should fit. With that said I am going off the sizing information on company web sites and reviews from around the web.

    I am a big burly man (aka fat). I ride year round commuting to and from work. About 9-10 non-highway miles each way. This includes riding in December, January and February. Except when is snows. Then I take the bus.

    The good,
    Good quality sturdy leather. It looks like a chrome tanned latigo. I measured my hand as indicated on this web site and ordered a pair. These gloves fit my hand amazingly well. They are very, very warm. I am very confident that if I ever get into an accident they will be very protective.

    The bad,
    I’m not sure if this is a problem with the gloves or with what I’m wearing for cold weather riding. I currently don’t have a proper winter motorcycle coat. I am saving up for a pair of pants and a coat, and am planning on getting them here.

    What I wear is Carhartt Duck Arctic Quilt-Lined Coverall, with a union suite and blue jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt and thick sweater under it. Over this I wear Carhartt Duck Detroit Jacket. The cuff on the gloves is too bulky to go under the jacket and the opening is barely large enough to fit on the out side. I am thinking I should have order the next size up gloves. I fear I’ll have to take an exacto knife and slit the cuff and add a piece of leather to enlarge the opening so they will fit over my clothing. I have worn them a few days, since the last snow storm and road salt has discolored them so I can’t return them for a larger size.

    Wile doing research for gloves, I have come across people mentioning that in the rain they get soggy. Well they are made of leather, the lining is water tight. I know I did the bucket test I read about and no leaks. To make leather shed water apply some neat’s-foot oil followed by mink oil. Real mink oil not the silicon based stuff. I do this with my work boots and even thoe some times I have to work in ankle deep water I have never had wet feet.

  7. Greg H

    I purchased the gloves in summer for the 9000 mile Hoka Hey race from Key West to Homer, AK. Using the sizing chart they were a bit snug and after a few times off & on in the rain for fuel, they were difficult to squeeze into. Through Canada & Alaska in about 40degree wet weather, they didn’t maintain warmth as well as I hoped. Contacted BMG on return and they were happy to exchange for the next size up. I recommend these gloves 50-70degree and rain.

  8. Jerry in NYC

    I would like to update my last review. I ended up stretching the cuffs with water and a form. Being leather it was easy enough to do. Leather is a very forgiving medium to work with. When they first arrived the gloves where stiff so I cleaned them with some saddle soap followed by rubbing them down with some neat’s-foot oil and finally mink oil and they are now supple, extremely comfortable to wear and water tight. To break them in all it takes is applying enough oil to make them wet followed by putting them on and flexing your hands. It only took going through a cycle of clenching and opening my fist about ten to fifteen minutes to brake in and loosen them more than enough to fit extremely comfortably. Do not store them in a hot place the leather will shrink.
    When these wear out I’ll buy them again but the larger size. In fact anyone who buys these should get the next size up form what is suggested by the sizing chart.
    I am very impressed with the quality of their gloves and plan on getting a winter jacket and protective pants form them.

  9. Dan

    I just received my new Thermosport gloves,my hand measurement was 8 1/2 to 9 ,so large fits good,nice and snug,sure to break in nicely.I rode in 40 deg. And they feel complaints here,a good value.

  10. Jack in Greenland

    I have worn these gloves in artic temperatures for a few month and have had them for more than a year, but had not had a chance to check their waterproof capabilities .. Then I dropped my keys in large puddle and fished them out with the gloves on. It then started to rain and I road home in the rain for 2 hours.. That’s what I call WATERPROOF.. Thanks BMG Great Gloves

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