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BMG® Montana Motorcycle Jacket

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This is the one you are looking for. Just got the “Top Pick” from Motorcycle Classics Magazine. Best Classic Motorcycle Jacket on the Market today. Although the Montana Jacket has been around since the 50’s in the UK, it is a true testament to the classic look and styling of this jacket that today it still earns such respect. A Brilliant Thick soft leather with a classic style that looks good anywhere. Don’t be surprised to find that you wear this jacket just as much off your bike as on it

1.4 mm drum dyed cowhide.
The Montana Jacket comes with Knox Shoulder and Elbow Armor. There is a pocket for optional Back Armor.
Removable thermal liner.
Adjustable flow ventilation system.
Pre-curved sleeves with rotated shoulders.
Action back.
Snap down touring collar.
YKK brass zippers.
Brass snaps.
4 Full ventilated front pockets
Zippered cuffs.
What The Press Has To Say ! TOP PICK: BEST CLASSIC LEATHER MOTORCYCLE JACKET “From the moment we opened the box, took a whiff of the lovely aroma pouring forth and ran our hands over the Montana™ creamy-smooth leather, we were taken. A few hundred miles later, we’d discovered even more to crow about. With its liner out, the Montana is surprisingly cool on hot days, as the four front pockets double as vents thanks to their mesh liners. The brown finish is a nice contrast to the normal black you see everyone else wearing, and the soft finish of the leather will inevitably lead to the jacket “weathering” nicely and developing a character all of its own within a few thousand miles. It’s comfortable. It’s well-made. It feels secure. It’s something different, and it has that vintage feel. What more could you ask for.” Motorcycle Classics Magazine


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“Easily the most comfortable jacket of the bunch right from the get-go. The Montana jacket from British Motorcycle Gear has already become a favorite here at the office. Although made of heavy-duty 1.4mm cowhide, this jacket smells, feels and wears like a nice leather should. And even though it’s a good piece of riding gear, it’s one of the few here that’s subtle enough to pass as a “regular” jacket. It features removable armor in the shoulders and elbows, along with a removable thermal liner for when it’s cold, plus dual vents in the front and back of the jacket for when it’s hot.” Landon Hall/ Motorcycle Classics Magazine

“British Motorcycle Gear Classic Montana Jacket… This 1.4 mm drum-dyed cowhide jacket has been in the company’s range since the ’50s, so the classic look is a natural. The leather has a great “hand,” meaning it has an uncommonly soft, supple feel. Snap the liner out in the heat and open the four front pockets ( which have mesh inside) and the rear exhaust vents for a little breeze. The pair of four-position waist belts on each side provide added comfort and style. If you don’t care to look like a big, bad biker when you’re walking into the restaurant, the Montana has a very classy look and could also pass for fashion wear.” Rider Magazine

“No, Editor Mike, BMG does not stand for Buy More Guinness;( It doesn’t?—ED) although that’s never a bad idea. BMG actually stands for British Motorcycle Gear, and they’re a smallish company, run by people who really care about what they make. This classic simple looking black leather jacket is called the Montana and has been a mainstay of their gear for many years— and you can easily see why, It’s built from 1.4 mm cowhide leather, the same weight of skin that most companies use for their professional road race suits. Yet somehow this BMG leather isn’t stiff and restrictive, instead it’s soft, flexible and easy to wear.” Cafe’ Racer Magazine. “The “Buy My Gear” boys have given their luxurious cowhide a well-worn, antique sort of finish and we absolutely luuurve it. It’s also kitted out with easily removable top-notch body armor( from British experts Knox) a fleecy zip-out liner, plus sturdy metal snaps and zippers. When complete, it’s a confidence inspiring jacket for hard-riding, but take the armor out and it’s suddenly one of the most handsome looking bar-hopping jackets we’ve ever seen. Added to all this, it’s not plastered in unwanted flashy logos, it’s got a flattering fit and loads of pockets, some of which serve double-duty as ventilation. Really, what more could you want? Yeah, we know. More Guinness. BMG are the people who import all of the new Belstaff stuff too, gear like Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Down Belstaff jacket, so there are plenty of reasons to book mark this firm’s great web site.” Cafe Racer Magazine

Additional information

Weight 9.000000 lbs
Size (exact)

32 Inch Chest, 34 Inch Chest, 36 Inch Chest, 38 Inch Chest, 40 Inch Chest, 42 Inch Chest, 44 Inch Chest, 46 Inch Chest, 48 Inch Chest, 50 Inch Chest, 52 Inch Chest, 54 Inch Chest, 56 Inch Chest

44 reviews for BMG® Montana Motorcycle Jacket

  1. Dave D

    Great jacket.Way better than picture looks.My only complaint is it is a little snug in waste area,guess I will have to lay off the cheese burgers! No really,great coat at any price.

  2. Peter

    Simply the finest piece of leather I’ve ever put on. My other jackets are now on ebay!

  3. grumpybiker

    BMG has the best quality and designed bike wear I have found backed by first class customer service. This is the only leather jacket I will wear.

  4. Steve L

    Quality Leather, very soft and feels like it is already broken in.

    More of a black/brown…but it looks great.

  5. Adam Kelder

    Thank you for making the Montana Jacket. Hands down, it is the finest motorcycle jacket I have ever had the pleasure of owning! I feel like a moviestar everytime I put it on, just amazing quality. After a year of riding it has plenty of character from road grit and bugs. I love this jacket so much that I am worried about cleaning it. Is there a certain cleaner that I should use on it. On your website you recommend British Motorcycle Gear Care, but I cannot find this product on your site or elsewhere on the web. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


    Adam Kelder

    Maryland, USA

  6. Justin

    I received the jacket near a week ago. I had read the reviews here as well as WebBikeWorld. It was down to the Roadcrafter or the Montana.

    I could not be happier with my choice. I was able to test fit the Roadcrafter. I didn’t have the same opportunity with the Montana but I still went with it.

    To be redundant of some other reviews: Leather is soft, feels like the nice soft leather on a good couch. Fit is perfect. I ordered the same size as I wear in a business suit and it’s great. It’s tailored well enough that even with the forward lean to the bars, the arms reach and the fit doesn’t pinch.

    AND – It looks cool.

    Buy it if you’re considering a Motojacket.

  7. Jack

    I have been using this jacket for over 3 years now and it is fantastic and looks even better with age. It will no doubt become an heirloom as it has alot of character again especially after it ages in the sun. I have alot of miles on this jack and love it more evey day.

  8. Lew

    I was more than pleased with the Montana Jacket. Not only did it fit perfectly but the craftmanship was excellent.

  9. Wells

    Just picked this up at the Int. Motorcycle Show in NYC this weekend. While I have not ridden with it just yet, I did wear it all day (and all night) and now I cant wait to get on my Guzzi and wear it everywhere I go.

    Leather is very soft. Fit is trim but the cut is very comfortable. I’m wearing a 44 and I’m 6’0 and 165lbs with long arms.

    The only downside is the liner. It zips in but then does not snap/pin into place under the arm holes and subsequently your hand and arm get stuck trying to find the hole in the fleece then the sleeve. So I removed it entirely…

    Great jacket for the price. Looked at the dainese zen and this is a better jacket for the money, in my opinion.

  10. Kerry

    This is by far my favorite motorcycle jacket, and I have about 10. I bought it 3 years ago and recently got another one for my son. I find that I wear it everywhere, whether I’m riding or not.

  11. Rich Steixner

    I have only had this jacket for a week now, but I will say the following: FINALLY a motorcycle leather jacket that actually is constructed for motorcycle riding. By that I mean I went through SEVEN jackets by reputable manufacturers and they all were too short in the sleeves. Almost as if riding was incidental to whoever was going to buy them. This jacket fits like a motorcycle jacket should… that is to say that the sleeves are way longer than a non-riding jacket so they don’t ride up in the riding position. Thank you. FINALLY

  12. manu

    la mejor chaqueta estilo motero del mercado y de una marca de reconocido prestigio a nivel mundial.excelente. un 10 de valoracion.

  13. GG

    My favorite Christmas gift (probably because I picked it out myslf). Out of the box it is so supple and flexible. I’m 5′-11", 155lbs, 39" chest. Ordered a size 40 and it fits perfectly with or without the armour or liner. You could wear this as a street jacket with the armour and no one would know, it’s that well tailored. Without the armour, it goes anywhere and looks great. Rode in 50 degrees with the liner and just a t-shirt – it was perfect, so I imagine it would be good at colder temps with another layer underneath. Havn’t tried it in warm weather with the vents open, but I would really have to be suffering before even thinking about riding without this jacket. It’s just so comfortable.

  14. twowheelsforever

    I just picked up the Montana jacket from the NY IMS show a few days ago, and so far I love it. It’s been too cold to ride, so I’ve been wearing it around my house the last couple days. It’s very comfortable, and even my wife loves it!

    I’ve been looking for a motorcycle jacket with sleeves long enough for my arms for a couple of years now. I’d bought a couple online, only to be disappointed by the fit. I have had my eye on the Montana for a while, but was reluctant to make a purchase without trying one on, so I was happy BMG would be exhibiting at the show. All of the guys manning the booth were very friendly and helpful. The fit is excellent, the sleeves are long enough (finally!), and the leather is buttery soft. I couldnt’t be happier!

  15. James

    Leather is very good quality at the price. Smells amazing! It looks well made throughout.
    Its fits pretty well perfect with the cuff length with outstretched arms at the exact length it should be.

    Could not buy a jacket at this price with this quality and stylish looks here in Australia.
    So far very satisfied.

  16. Brian

    I’ve had this jacket for almost 2 years now–its exceptionally built, fits great, and i even wear it around town when im not riding. The jacket size I purchased is 40, and could probably go a size smaller. Definately worth the money–check out a video i made here

  17. Adam

    This jacket is excellent everything about it is spot on! First off the cut it fits like a well tailored glove, it fits so well I wear it as a casual jacket. It’s extremely light wieght but it kept me from freezing to death on a 20 degree ride through virgina. The liner is something between the softness of a baby blanket and the warmth of insulation. The long arms are more of a blessing believe me I would not conisider them a negative whatsoever. Order true to size unless your on the hefty side go a size larger.

  18. Brian

    Got mine a couple days ago and what a nice jacket!
    Great quality!
    7 workdays to get to Sweden.

  19. MKP

    I own this jacket and the Belstaff Mojave in wax cotton and I could not ask for two better short "blouson" style jackets. The Montana is very well proportioned and looks great both on and off the bike. Kudos to BMG for putting together such an excellent piece.

  20. John

    Everyone loves the look of my Montana Jacket. this is the first time I have ever had people stopping me to tell me how nice my jacket looks and asking were I got it from.. Thanks BMG

  21. DL

    I have been looking for a jacket that would look "right" on my Triumph Bonneville, but still have modern features like armour and (at least some) venting. I also wanted a jacket that looked like a Motorcyclist’s jacket.(NOT a Biker’s jacket.) The Montana met all of those expectations. Thanks!

  22. jason

    I bought a Montana in 2011 as I wanted a jacket that would have a slim fit (5’11/150lbs) but also have amor “just in case”. I’ve worn the jacket about 150-200 times per year in everything from 105*F to snow showers and rain in Utah. The jacket fit great, handled relentless sun and moisture, and the construction was top notch – the lining never skipping a beat no matter how carelessly I put the jacket on or took it off. My “just in case” happened last week when I hit a deer at about 45mph while driving on fresh chip seal – I was very fortunately and took most of the landing on my arm and shoulder, then rolling onto my feet somehow without injury. The jacket told the tale of how it unfolded – massive scrapes on the arm, elbow, and shoulder cups – had this been on regular asphalt, I don’t think there would have been any damage – but on the cheese grater like chip seal, the leather did its job and most importantly – the armor let me walk away without even a bruise. You hate to see a great jacket go out like this, but I’m thankful to have chosen a jacket this well made and with the protection provided, all I needed was a bandaid after burning through the knuckle of my glove.

  23. Ray

    Probably the best jacket I have ever had. The fit and finish are amazing. Quality products like my Montana Jacket are few and far between. It is just the best!

  24. drew

    I used this jacket for about 2 months before I had to put the bike away for the winter. It’s a great jacket, plenty warm even in 30F, plus wicked comfortable. No break in required, and quality construction and armor. Best thing for me is no stupid, giant size name brand tags, just a little brit flag. Highly recommend this!

  25. Mark

    Holy s**t. What a fantastic jacket!! A true motorcyclist jacket, not a "biker" jacket. The pictures do not do this jacket justice. It is more of a flat black or a brown/black, but it looks so much better than the shiny black jackets that are everywhere (just my opinion as the flat black looks more retro and broken in). The jacket fits perfectly (if you are in between sizes, order the next size up as it is snug – as it is supposed to be and I think it fits perfect). Pockets on the inside and out, armor, venting, sinching at the waist, zip out liner….absolutely fantastic!!!! This jacket is the perfect complement to my Royal Enfield. And the workmanship!…..this is not a cheap online leather jacket, trust me. No need to look anywhere else. You will not be sorry. Thanks BMG!

  26. BeemW

    I wanted to post this review because I am 6’6" tall/220lbs, and the 46 size on this jacket fits me perfectly. Perfect arm length, sleeve, and body fit. Looking forward to riding with this jacket.

  27. Paul

    This is a great jacket. I purchased it at the motorcycle show and I love it. It looks great, is made with great quality materials and workmanship, and is well worth the price!

  28. David B

    This jacket is amazing. It looks good, I received a lot of compliments and the rich leather scent adds to its charm.
    The fit is really good. My chest is about 42 but I sized up and got the 44. Every motorcycle garment I’ve purchased I’ve had to do this… It is a bit snug with the back armor but not uncomfortable. The sleeves are a bit long but they are perfect while riding. It’s not a cold weather jacket, but I’ve already rode in mid 80 degree weather and it is pretty well ventilated. The Montana jacket is a good spring/fall weight jacket and summer if you just want to look cool.

    Great jacket!


  29. Toby

    I’ve had mine for a year, riding through rain, sleet, and sun – desert sun, tropical sun. The leather starts out a very deep, rich brown. Mine has now started to fade a little across the shoulders and upper arms, and darken on the underside of the forearms where I rest my elbows. It looks fantastic, like a well-broken in pair of raw denim.

    Something that surprised me: I prefer to wear the Montana in the heat than my Rev’it mesh jacket. The thick leather keeps the sun off me and the satin lining doesn’t chafe like the mesh ones can.

  30. Matt

    Fit me great (5’10" / /150lb / 36" chest), looks great and easy to wear even with the knoxx armour in place. Cant go wrong – and shipped out ASAP to Canada too. Thanks!

  31. Steve

    I purchased this coat a month before I ever got the bike. From the moment removed it from the box to the moment it landed on my shoulders, I knew it was exactly the leather for me. Thanks BMG!

  32. Jason

    I looked everywhere for a jacket that would go well with a cafe racer, but also wasn’t going to cost more than my bike. I finally stumbled onto this jacket and it’s fantastic. It’s comfortable, looks great and the armor seems like it would work well if I’m ever unfortunate enough to have to test it.

    To top it off, the company is amazing to deal with. I bought my jacket last summer assuming my bike would be ready to go for then, but I never got a chance to finish it. I got a size 44 and wasn’t struck on the fit of it, but decided it would do. After not being able to finish my bike I decided I wanted a better fit and contacted the company about it. I was well past the exchange period but they were really helpful anyways and exchanged my jacket for a 42 without any problems.

    This is an amazing jacket and a great company to deal with, I highly recommend this jacket, and anything else from this company. A big thank you to Paul for being so helpful.

  33. Drew

    One of, if not my very favourite jackets of all time!! I too wear it in all seasons and not necessarily just for biking. It’s a great looking, great fitting jacket. 2 thumbs up!!

  34. Robert

    It’s a given that this is a great jacket. Really solid build quality, soft, thick leather and classy design. Mostly just wanted to say that I listened to the other reviews here and ordered a size up – MISTAKE. I’m not a slim or particularly fit dude, and the 44 fits true to size. Motorcycle jackets are supposed to fit a bit snug so they don’t ride up on you in a crash. They can’t protect you if they’re not on you.

  35. Jerry

    When I read the Motorcycle Classics review I though if it is half as good as the article says I am going to love this jacket.. In fact it is every bit as good as they said.. Look forward to many years in this one.
    Thanks British Motorcycle Gear!

  36. Gary OBryan

    This is a great leather jacket not only with quality but with looks too! Only have a couple of rides with it and looking forward to wearing in the jacket!

    Just a side note: the jacket is not black as in the picture. Well, at least mine isn’t. More of a black-brown. Still looks great!

  37. Cliff

    Most of the reviews of the Montana suggested that the fit was true to size. I always wear a 38, but for me, the 38 in this jacket was just a little larger than I’d have liked. I am 5’8″ and a pretty slim 130 lbs, so I exchanged the 38 for a size 36, which gave me the more tailored fit I wanted. Sleeve length is perfect for riding position. BMG handled the exchange promptly and smoothly, no questions asked.

    Otherwise, the leather is beautiful (soft but substantial feeling) and the jacket is stylish, really well made, and comfortable. I am glad to have the added protection of armor inserts, which are well-placed in the shoulders and elbows and are not discernible when you are in a regular standing posture. The jacket looks great with the inserts in place or removed. As a few others have noted, rather than being a “pure” black the color has a brownish edge to it, which I like quite well. I am amazed to have found a jacket of this quality for the price.

  38. Mark

    Very nice jacket. I’ve had it for 5 years and still looks great. The chest area shields the cold really well when riding, but the arm areas are not as good when it comes to shielding out the cold.

  39. RSF

    First thing; I measured my chest to be 46" exact. So of course I hesitated to order the 46 jacket for fear of a too snug fit. Not a problem, once you reach for the bars its fits better than while standing upright. The 46 fits a little snug around the chest off the bike, but once on the bike its perfect. Does not ride up, and feels comfortable where it should. The armor provides piece of mind, and looks tough too. highly recommend. Is say this jacket works best for a cruiser style bike, as well as a cafe or classic style. Probably a bit to old school for something like a modern sport bike.

  40. Spitfire151

    After looking high and low for a jacket that had the right price point, look, features, AND included pads I finally found the Montana. I was, to say the least, awestruck. The web backed me up with countless forum and other posts praising it’s craftsmanship, style, and longevity.

    Mine arrived just yesterday and I can’t help but stare at it and count the hours until I can wear it on my bike.

    I must also point out that BMG’s customer service has been fantastic. Paul helped me out big time and was a fantastic resource. Anyone unsure of whether or not this is a good investment, all I can say is get one. Now.

    Happy riding!

  41. Jeffrey

    Let’s start with BMG and their customer service: Top notch would best describe it. Paul responded quickly to questions, with friendly, knowledgeable answers. They handled an exchange with aplomb, and my card was refunded as soon as they got the jacket back. 5 stars!

    Now the jacket, oh the jacket.

    Fit: I’m 5’10”, 170lbs, athletic-ish build and normally wear a 40r suit. I found the 40 to be slightly roomy, exchanged for a 38 and it fits just right. I’m an upright rider, movement is good all the way around and feels solid. Heck, the thing weighs like 8lbs, so it should.

    Construction: Thick leather, beautiful detailing, and solid stitching makes me very happy about my purchase. I looked at a host of other jackets in similar price range and this seems to be about the best deal in town. Some of the comparably-priced leather didn’t feel as thick, maybe didn’t include armor, or just weren’t as good looking as the Montana. I live in Los Angeles, so this will be a four season jacket, I’ll update as the months roll along.

    Look: Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. On or off the bike, looking good. You can hardly tell there’s armor, so you can ride and chill with your friends. I don’t want to take it off, and can only imagine how good it’ll look like in five years.

    I’m over the moon with BMG and my Montana. Fit, style, and protection all for a great price.

    Kind of like Muhammad Ali, it’s tough to beat!

  42. LB

    This is a great motorcycle jacket. I ordered mine two years ago and love it. I went a size up and it fit right the first try. Color is nice, much better than the ubiquitous black jacket. Quality is clear throughout. Very comfortable. Works well in cool to warm weather by adding/removing liner and zipping/unzipping vent pockets. Great piece of gear! I doubt I will ever buy another jacket.

  43. Roy

    The best investment I have made so far. The quality, fit and finish is teriffic. Can’t imagine riding without this jacket. Bravo!

  44. Phil

    The design, fit and quality of this jacket are all five-stars. And so is customer service. I found, though, that the sizing runs just a bit large. I am 5′-10″ and 215-lbs with wide shoulders due to years of weight lifting. My chest measurement is 47 so I originally ordered the size 48. When I got it, I found it to be too large. Also, there was a manufacturing problem with the right sleeve liner. BMG immediately had me return it and sent a size 46. The 46 fits perfectly – neither too tight nor too loose – and is very comfortable. It is very well made and – while I hate to think of the possibility – if I go down this is the jacket I want to be wearing. There was a shipping problem with USPS and it took three weeks to get the jacket. As a “heads up” I suggest that the buyer specify UPS. Because of the shipping delay, though, and the quality problem with the right sleeve liner on the first jacket, BMG tossed in a back armor insert. Thumbs up to the jacket and BMG.

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