Steve McQueen Barbour Courier Bag
Steve McQueen Barbour Courier Bag Steve McQueen Waxed Courier Bag Barbour Steve McQueen Waxed Retriever Bag

Barbour Steve McQueen Bag

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This update of our classic Retriever bag is made from ‘Beeswax’ for an antique appearance. The back of the bag features a photographic image of the star spangled banner with a Steve McQueen signature sign off print.

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Made from ‘Beeswax’.

Photographic image of Steve McQueen.

Measures: width 47 cm, height 30 cm, depth 16 cm.

This Barbour Messenger bag was inspired by all the brave men that ran military coded documents along the front lines of Her Majesties Armed forces during WWI and WWII. With a motorcycle under them providing the speed and agility to traverse the torn apart battle fields of Europe to deliver the most vital military communications monumental in the final victories. We salute these brave souls Endorsed by the King of COOL Steve McQueen.


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