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BMG® Discovery Motorcycle Jacket

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This is the jacket that moto magazines, blogs, and riders have raved about for years, and it compares to kit that costs twice as much. The original was worn by Claudio in Long Way Round, and he tackled everything from the desert heat to the Siberian freeze wearing one. The Discovery Motorcycle Jacket is for motorcyclists that refuse to let the weather dictate if we ride or not, with a long list of design features to fit every riding condition. If your next trip is around the world or to the office, the Discovery will make sure you get there safe, dry, warm, and comfortable.

Duratec fabric reinforcement patches
Microskin fully taped drop liner between outer and lining fabric
Reflective 3M piping that can be clearly seen from all angles
Knox shoulder, elbow, and back armor exceeds European Standards for CE
Upper and lower sleeve adjustments
Underarm and back ventilation zippers
Detachable neck warmer
Comfort fit waist belt
Sleeve cuff zipper with gusset
Eight pockets and one cell phone pocket
Fully detachable, zip off back pocket
Zip out detachable Thermolite quilted inner liner with two hand warmer pockets and one secure zippered pocket
Internal lining has water resistant rain skirt with nonslip elastic
Connecting zipper for motorcycle pants

What the Press has to say about the Discovery Jacket: •”This Beats’ em all. I’m doing 1200 miles in a week, often in awful conditions, yet fail to find the Discovery’s limits. The jacket’s biggest test was a four-hour ride in driving rain, but even at a constant 70 MPH, the water failed to seep through. Up until now I’ve never felt that safe in anything but leather. But with the Discovery I feel just as safe thanks to the CE armor, and I’m never cold. “Motorcycle Consumer News”


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“I have to admit I’m fascinated by little details. I want a jacket that has everything and compromises on nothing. The new Discovery is such a jacket.” BMW Owners News

“When I opted to drag This new Discovery Jacket on a 10-day tour through the east (north and south), I felt a bit overdressed at first–the thing was armored, triple-layered and strewn with more zippers than a convention of hookers. I shouldn’t have bitched though–‘s been in the gear game almost as long as motorcycles have been in existence, and I had the good fortune to test the brawny garment in the midst of the most schizophrenic weather pattern to hit the east coast in decades. Of course, it felt closer to hypothermia than good fortune in Pennsylvania (temps hovered around 30 degrees), but the garment’s reinforced, 500-denier nylon shell and waterproof, breathable membrane kept wind and rain at bay and my innards warm with an insulated inner liner. When the sun finally broke in North Carolina, I simply pulled the liner out and zipped open the spacious underarm and back vents to cool my jets (my only beef was the liner buttoned more than it zipped). A soft, detachable neck-warmer snugged my jugular, and sleeve adjusters sealed out drafts. There were no safety shortcuts on the Discovery, either–the jackets bulk came largely from CE-approved hard armor inhabiting the shoulders, elbow and back areas. And reflective panels and piping enhanced my conspicuity at night. With eight pockets on the jacket, I never wanted for storage space. The jacket worked superbly in the conditions it was subjected to. In a ferocious downpour in Virginia, the internal rain skirt prevented water from wicking upward–hail, wind and rain couldn’t break the barrier. ” Motorcycle Cruiser

“The Discovery Jacket is a big, bulky, skirted garment, designed in England to keep water out and warmth in. The Discovery is made of 500-denier Dupont Cordura and Hitena nylon, seriously tough materials. An outfit called Planet Knox has supplied the “impact protectors” which are inserted at the elbows, shoulders, and back, and the external impact areas have abrasion-resistant Duratec reinforcing. The internal armor can be removed for washing and more flexibility but if you are unfortunate enough to take a tumble while riding, fully loaded this jacket offers some pretty good protection. In between the outside of the jacket and the inner liner is a breathable, waterproof material trademarked as Microskin. This is the technology which allows the rider to wear the jacket and not sweat up a storm inside. What makes the Discovery an exceptional jacket, in my mind, is the attention to detail, especially the neck cozy. Keeping cold air from freezing my Adam’s apple has always been a concern, and this jacket has a lovely warm wraparound which fully covers the throat and snaps into place. It has an excellent windproof design, and when the weather improves, the rider can detach the whole thing and tuck it into a detachable pouch on the rear skirt. A veritable slew of additional pockets are built in as well. On the front part of the skirt are two biggish pockets which really suffer overkill in the closure department, having zippers, hook-and-loop strips and snaps. You will not loose your wallet from either of those, nor will it get wet. Four outside breast pockets carry glasses, a cell phone, etc. Inside are two more pockets. Who needs saddlebags? The Discovery jacket can be snugged up with hook-and-loop straps on either side of the waist as well as one on the collar and both upper arms (to prevent flapping in the wind). Each wrist has both a zipper and hook-and-loop closure. For use in a broader range of temperatures, the armpits and back have zippered vents, another zipper covered with a flap that seals with hook-and-loop and five snaps keeps the front closed and watertight in a Force 3 hurricane. The Discovery comes with a long-sleeved zip-out liner made of Dupont Thermolite; the liner is kept in place by two short zippers, one on each side, making it easy to zip in and out. calls this an “all season” jacket, which it might be in cool, damp England. However, living in California I would call it a three-season jacket, as it can be quite toasty in summer (although with all the vents open I have used it on 90-degree days).” Rider Magazine

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21 reviews for BMG® Discovery Motorcycle Jacket

  1. Stephen in Alaska

    After noticing that this is the jacket Claudio wears in " The Long Way Round" and reading the reviews I new this had to be one great peice of equipment.. I have worn this jacket in an ice storm and in rain that never let up for hours.. The Verdict this is the Jacket all other should be measured against.

  2. One Happy Brit

    Hi Guys

    Just received the jacket. Great job! As someone who used to have the Discovery jacket when it was sold under the Belstaff brand, I’m really pleased to see the same quality standards have been maintained.

    The Discovery is a true 3 season jacket with excellent wind and water repellent qualities. In a typically mild British winter, when temperatures hover around freezing, the thermal lining is almost too warm when riding around town but the collar-mounted throat protector works really well on cross-country rides where windchill is a real concern.

    In summer the vents work very well and are well situated. The way that the front of the jacket has a combination of zip fastening and very sturdy popper buttons means that on hot days the jacket can be worn partially but securely fastened, with the zip partially fastened and the buttons completely fastened, allowing air to pass through the jacket but with the jacket unlikely to burst open in the event of a crash.

    I had a 100 mph crash wearing a Discovery jacket. I slid up the road, mostly on my back. The only damage to the jacket was a couple of 1 inch rips on the sleeves. I broke 6 ribs on impact, all at the front of my chest, but the armour protected both my arms and back from any injury. I had no abrasion injuries at all.

    I’m really pleased to see that you have brought such an excellent range of textile jackets back onto the market. Frankly, when I compare other products to the BMG Discovery jacket, I find them wanting.

    Cheers fellas!

    One Happy Brit.

  3. crazykz

    I’ve had the Discovery for over 200000 miles in 6 years and it has never leaked on me. I wash it and re-waterproof it once a year using NixWax products. This will be on the top of my list when looking for a new jacket. The collar alone is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to cold/wet weather riding as it allows for multiple layers that get bunched up at the neck.

    My only criticism is venting. The vents under the arms and small ones in the back help but anything over 80 is pretty sticky. I put up with it because I absolutely love the jacket and don’t want to carry more than one jacket.

  4. rottenbiker

    I wore the discovery jacket in the Iron Butt Rally in downpours, desert heat, cold nights and never had a complaint. It is an awesome jacket. Mine now has about a hundred thousand miles on it still looks great and does the job>

  5. Dodger

    Absolutely waterproof .
    Best value jacket on the market .
    My only niggle is the elasticated belt ,but a pair of scissors soon cured that – I much prefer a seperate belt .
    I think you’d have a damn hard job finding a better jacket .

  6. Hoss

    My Discovery is the Belstaff Discovery, same as the BMG. It’s worn daily for my commutes and it serves well on my travels…thus far no complaints, no leaks, just a great three season jacket. well one minor complaint>>>>that damn belt bunches up in back, nothing major, just looks crappy.

  7. dogman

    I rode 700+ miles in 15 to 28*F with not even a chill,bike had no fairing. Planning on adding to tongue of neck protector for ease of closing.

  8. KeithL

    All the reviews just cant do the jacket justice. Amazingly well designed and constructed. Comfortable, yet very durable. worth every cent and then some!

  9. Rich Steixner

    I have been riding with this jacket since last year. It is very warm. Very windproof. The neckwarmer is clutch. without the insulating liner, it is good up to around 60 or 65, IMO. With the liner, I ride down to freezing. It is infinitely superior to anything else I have ever tried for cold and/or damp weather. The only thing I take exception to is the claim that it ventilates. It has some vent zippers, but they don’t penetrate the waterproof liner. So it is not really venting. But head and shoulders above anything I have found elsewhere. This is actual riding gear, not fashion gear marketed to riders.

  10. Dave

    I recently purchased this jacket for a 5000 plus mile tour. I couldn’t imagine a better jacket at any price. It is absolutely waterproof even in hours of heavy rain. I didn’t take the jacket liner (it was summer, I thought) but it was warm enough with a long sleeve shirt and light sweater in temperatures in the mid 30’s and with a light shirt up to the 90’s. With the liner it should be good into the 20’s. Protection is great, and the features are nice without being cumbersome. Highly recommended.

  11. e

    I’ve been riding since I was about 13. Now I am a year round rider no matter the weather. Over the years I have tried a multitude of jackets. If you came and checked out my closet you would think I own a motorcycle shop. I have over a dozen jackets by BMW, Rev’IT!, Rukka, Olympia, Hein Gericke and a few Belstaff jackets.

    When the mercury drops I reach for this. NONE of the other jacket I have keep me as comfortable in extreme weather.

    I ride an annual ride called the Crotona midnight run, this is held in the 3rd-4th week of February during what is generally the coldest night of the year. One year the temperature hovered around 6 degrees during the halfway point, which means that temps around the lake were at least 10-15 degrees colder.

    I was toasty warm, I didn’t even have my heated gear with me (I forgot it) but thankfully I didn’t need it. Having your body well insulated keeps your fingers and toes warm as well. Around the 11th or 12th hour just before arriving home the very tips of my toes did feel a little cold, but thankfully the sun had already risen and the temperatures quickly rose.

    Again, if you are living in a cold climate and want THE warmest jacket you can get, look no further.

  12. Scott – Chicago

    From 90 degree summer heat to the 30 degree winter cold, in torrential all day heavy rain to gusty unforgiving wind this jacket has kept me safe, warm and comfortable during my 50,000 plus miles ridden since it’s purchase. I wont leave home without it. BMG / Belstaff has this customer returning for life.

  13. john

    Purchased this jacket in 2002! have over 200,000miles of riding in all weather. have not seen another jacket that does all this one can!

  14. Henry Dorn

    I want to say how happy I am with the quality of the BMG
    Pioneer pants I got from you as well. They mate perfectly with the
    Discovery Jacket and have held up terrifically thru several winters of cold
    wet North Carolina riding. I prefer the Discovery/Pioneer combination
    over my Aerostich Roadcrafter suits when the weather is truly foul.

  15. Ben in KC

    I have had this jacket for 11 years now from back when it was a Belstaff. It’s almost time for a new one. Blizzards, Tropical storms and it has served me well for over 100,000miles. Thanks for the great product.

  16. Rail32

    I was told it’s more of a jacket than most riders will ever need . I absolutely %100 love this jacket . Been riding for over 40 years . Owned a great many jackets . This discovery jacket is unbelievably warm . I ride year around in Wi. If roads permit . Have ridden in 0 degrees for hundreds of miles with 2 layers only underneath , I am tellin ya this thing is warm . I can wear it to about 80 degrees with all vents open and liner removerd . Perfect for Wi. Weather . The layed out pockets , vents , collar are all very well planned . Sizing is true . I am buying a size up currently cause with second layer on its a bit tight for me now . I will own 2 of these jackets and still worth every penny .
    Bottom line here is if your on the fence , jump , these jackets rock .

  17. Mark

    The BMG Discovery II has been the most ideal riding jacket I have used in over 45 years of riding. The jacket’s quilting and vents function well through a wide range of temperatures. I can count on it keep me warm, cool, or dry on my trips through the north country around the Lake Superior basin. The coat easily handles an all day drizzle or a huge thunderstorm. Great design and function throughout. I can honestly attribute my health to the safety features built in to this coat. I just survived a face plant at 60 mph in this jacket and a Bell helmet Only a concussion, five broken ribs and a bruised spleen! I almost walked away. Do yourself a favor and ride protected.

  18. mike e

    Purchased this jacket for a 8,000 mile trip this summer, TX-AK-TX. Fantastic, best ever. Rained on 19 days, never leaked, always warm (sometimes too warm) and most of all comfortable.

  19. Don

    My Discovery jacket has been a big upgrade from my old adventure-style jacket. It weighs less, is more water repellent and is warmer than my previous one. I haven’t used the zip-in liner yet, even down to the mid 30s, and I stay warm with just a light sweater. There are so many features, snaps, straps, etc. that the thing should come with an owner’s manual. Terrific reflective fabric makes me way more visible at night. My only niggling complaint is the way the front of the jacket pooches out when I ride, especially on my scooter. Maybe there’s a strap or hook that corrects this and I just haven’t found it. Seriously, this is a high quality garment for low temperature riding, and the price is a steal.

  20. Jerry in NYC

    Wow, just wow. I expected a nice jacket, no jacket is not the right word. Coat. I am new to riding and wanted a good 3 season coat with good protective qualities. So went off to learn as much as I could about protective clothing. After reading reviews for over two months I finally decided on this one. So I expected a nice coat, but had no idea that it would be as nice as it is. Good quality materials, good stitching. I took a ride this afternoon in twenty degree temps. Going over to my sister’s house. The coat with all the linings in was extremely warm and comfortable. At first I was concerned that the arms felt tight, but once on the bike it was comfortable and not restricting. Once at my sister’s house, who is a professional seamstress I showed her the new coat. She was very impressed with quality of the cloth, stitching and over all construction of it.
    I’ll end up using this coat for years.

  21. Shaun

    This jacket is great, California does not get that cold compared to most states but even when it drops to low 30’s and a bike with no windshield this jacket still keeps me warm and comfortable, doesn’t allow air in is built with quality in mind. Buy this jacket and you will never need another winter jacket again.

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