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British Motorcycle GearBritish Motorcycle Gear has been distributing and producing some of the world’s best motorcycle jacket and motorcycle accessories since 1988. As a manufacturer BMG produces a full line of Motorcycle Jackets to cover all types of conditions and climates. The BMG Discovery Motorcycle Jacket will protect you in the most extreme cold/wet conditions and is a top choice amongst Round the World Adventurer Riders. On the other end of the spectrum the BMG Zodiac Motorcycle Jacket is one of the lightest weight hot weather protective jackets on the market today and the BMG Adventure Motorcycle Jacket can be found on many top off-road riders. BMG Motorcycle Pants also cover similar spectrums with the Pioneer Motorcycle pants covering the cold/wet winters and the Adventure Motorcycle Pants covering the blazing heat. BMG also produces Motorcycle Gloves for all climates and conditions. We also have a line of Classic Motorcycle Clothing like the Montana Jacket. British Motorcycle Gear is proud to represent some other top British Manufacturers of Motorcycle Clothing. Belstaff Motorcycle Jackets being the first manufacturer of Motorcycle Clothing in the world in 1924 followed by Barbour’s Classic International Motorcycle Jacket in 1934. BMG also represents Davida Motorcycle Helmets from Liverpool, Subzero Thermal Motorcycle Clothing and Halcyon Motorcycle Goggles. Please cruise our web site and check out our extensive line of Motorcycle Jackets, Motorcycle Pants, Motorcycle Gloves, Motorcycle Helmets and Accessories.